Service Level Management with INFRA-XS

SLA Quality

And What Are Your Benefits?

  • Service Level Management produces a transparent, objective, and permanent view on your IT services.
  • Service Level Management effectively increases the quality of the delivered IT services. This leads to a higher acceptance by employees and customers.
  • Service Level Management is the central control element for resource planning and -optimisation within your IT department.
  • Service Level Management helps to reduce costs through the right-sizing of your IT infrastructure, process enhancements, and the focussing of your IT on business objectives.

Make Performance Visible

The complex network and systems architectures that are today’s standards require IT providers to specify their services in the form of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Making the performance of these services transparent and providing for an objective assessment of their quality – that’s what the software suite GW-TEL INFRA-XS is for. It continuously supplies impartial and definite evidence of the actual service quality, for instance, its availability or response times.

SLA Scorecard