Business Software in Motorsports

Article in the Online Edition of “Mobile Business”

– Entitled ‘Big Data als Performance-Kicker im Motorsport’ (Big Data as a Performance Booster in Motor Sports), the current issue of the German “Mobile Business” magazine features an article which illustrates how by the systematic use of IT, performance in motor sports can be significantly enhanced and optimised.

Our expert, Axel von Dielingen, provides some details on the topic: how a “simple” Porsche is being converted into a mobile end device, and how ordinary business software provides valuable information for both the drivers and the technicians – and, of course, in no time at all; because speed matters, not only on the circuit.

As the ADAC GT Masters racing series allows no telemetry, the real-time transfer of vehicle data to the pit, it is of utmost importance that the data collected on-board is available for analyses immediately after a qualifying session or a race. This means: high-speed transfer of very large quantities of data, and evaluation methods to highlight the strong and weak points of both vehicle and driver, with this directly depicting the potential for enhancement.

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